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CaRabA #Lifewithoutschool

The fictional movie CaRabA explores what a world without schools could look like. Five young people carve their own path in an entirely new educational landscape. The film imaginatively examines how life itself can be an ongoing learning experience. The first feature film on the future of education encourages us to imagine together possibilities for our future. The initial question is: when and where does education actually happen?

What would young people do if they could follow their own interests?
In the episodic film CaRabA, SASKIA (24) researches a sleeping aid and struggles to have it recognized; disarmingly naive NURI (8) accompanies his father while driving a taxi and interviews passengers; dreamy LOVIS (14) plays table tennis in the park, explores the concept of time, and falls in love; MAX (15) paints spinning washing machines and discovers God in Dürer (or vice versa); while JANNE (15), who is aimless at first, is led by fate to temporarily leave home to conduct field-research on the theme of ‘family’.

CaRabA tells of trust – in ourselves and in the people around us.

Genre: Episodic film, Coming of Age

Length: 92 minutes

Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Dutch and Arabic; more planned.

Initiated by: Bertrand Stern
Creative Producer: Joshua Conens
Book: Andreas Laudert
Director: Katharina Mihm

#Watching CaRabA

# CaRabA DVD

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# CaRabA online

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CaRabA is screened in Germany and internationally (including Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, and Spain to date).
All upcoming events can be found here: www.caraba.de/kino
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#Let’s talk

With CaRabA we invite you to a broad discussion: what is education and what does it need? CaRabA was born with a lot of heart and soul. It emerged from the desire to create spaces for discussion in order to further our understanding of childhood, attitudes towards young people, and the question of being human. We do not have a ready-made answer. With the world imagined through this film, we want to encourage the creation of visions for a new future.

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